1. Fort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc. (FMTI) may require a new applicant for service to appear at FMTI’s place of business located at 8490 S. Hwy 95, Suite 104, Mohave Valley, Arizona, to produce proof of identity and sign the application form. If the credit of applicant for service has not been established to FMTI’s satisfaction, the applicant may be required to make a deposit.
  2. The amount of deposit shall be determined according to the following terms: Residential customer’s deposit shall not exceed two times their estimated average monthly bill or the average monthly bill for that customer’s classification, whichever is greater. Nonresidential customer’s deposits shall not exceed two and one-half times their maximum monthly bill. FMTI may require a residential customer to establish a deposit if the customer becomes delinquent in the payment of two or more bills within a twelve (12) consecutive month period or has been disconnected for service during the last twelve (12) months.
  3. A deposit will not be required if the applicant has had continuous telephone service with FMTI at another service location within the past two (2) years and was not delinquent in payment more than once during the last twelve consecutive months or disconnected for nonpayment or the applicant can produce a letter regarding credit or verification from a telephone utility where service of a comparable nature was last received.
  4. If at any time long distance charges exceed a customer’s normal usage by 100%, a larger deposit may be required due to increase in toll.
  5. Bills shall be due and payable immediately upon receipt and are past due 15 days after the date of the bill or after any deferred payment date previously established by agreement between a customer and FMTI. Disconnect notices will be sent to customers with bills not paid by the 15th of the month and if not paid within 5 days, disconnect will occur. Bill must be paid in full with cash or money order to resume service.
  6. If a disconnect occurs because of an unpaid account and the account is not paid by the next billing date, permanent disconnect occurs and deposit is applied to the account balance. If customer wants to pay account and re-establish service, an application with a view to a larger deposit may be required.
  7. Returned check may result in immediate suspension of service without notification. A $10.00 returned check charge will be charged to the customer and the amount of check must be paid in full with cash or money order to resume service. This may result in delay of re-establishing service.
  8. Should authorized use of this telephone change, by marital status or by new permanent resident home, Fort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc. shall be notified immediately and an application signed to reflect dual responsibility for bill.

* Best credit rating required by Fort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc.