Mission Statement

  • DEDICATED to provide specialized, quality telecommunication technologies to the proud people of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and surrounding growing communities.
  • DEDICATED to create a working environment that promotes good fellowship, teamwork and prosperity through communication, leadership, support and opportunities for individual advancement.
  • DEDICATED to exceed customer expectations through friendly, courteous and professional service; by our commitment to excellence our company will grow and succeed.


Fort Mojave Telecommunications, Inc.(FMTI), began providing Independent Line Exchange Carrier (ILEC) service in 1989 while Fort Mojave Television, Inc. (FMTV), began providing services to its customers in 1992.


The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe owns 51% of both FMTI and FMTV, and National Telecommunications Company, LLC. (NATELCO), owns the remaining 49% of each company. NATELCO, principally owned by Dobson Communications, Inc., played a vital role in funding and managing FMTI and FMTV during each company’s formative years. Dobson Communications, Inc., is an Oklahoma based corporation with more than 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.


Our principle activity is the construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure within the boundaries of the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation. Services provided include provision of regulated wire-line telephone service, cable television, long-distance calling, Internet services, sale and maintenance of business telephone systems, and other various technology services and equipment to businesses and residences.

As of December 31, 2009, FMTI’s operation provided wire-line service to 1,006 access lines and covered 68 square miles of service area. As of December 31, 2009, FMTV’s operations provided 977 subscribers with cable television service, 265 subscribers with Internet service, and approximately 400 subscribers with long distance service.


FMTI uses the advanced capabilities of a “soft” switch from MetaSwitch.  We have also successfully completed converting our entire network and plant from copper to fiber to the home (FTTH).  FTTH is a fiber optic communication delivery infrastructure where each premise is connected to the central office via fiber-optic cable. Connecting each premise in this manner has significantly increased the quality of FMTI’s service and has expanded the types of services that we are aboe to provide.< .p>

In order to provide for the growth that projects like FTTH promise, FMTI upgraded our fiber-optic cable plant and we installed increased capacity fiber-optic cable along Highway 95 from approximately Boundary Cone Road to Arizona Village.

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